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About Victory Community Church

Founder &
Senior Pastor

Dr. Charles Johnson’s visionary leadership has been forged with almost two decades of ministry experience. He retains an insightful awareness of what people need to live a delivered, developed and destined life. His gift resides in his teaching, preaching and guidance to build marriages, finances and victorious congregants to advance the Kingdom of God.

An Overseer of VCI (Vanguard Covenant International), he oversees ministries throughout Germany, Africa, the UK and the United States. Dr. Johnson assists and mentors Pastors to lead their congregations to achieve their maximum potential in Christ.

He retired from the US Army in 2002 with 20 years of military service, serving in various leadership capacities and leading troops on several deployments. He completed his military career as a highly decorated soldier. He is a proven leader of leaders, author and highly sought-after conference speaker.

He is a graduate of Minnesota Graduate School of Theology, where he earned doctorate degrees in Ministry and Philosophy as well as Sonship School of the Firstborn. He is proud to be a son in the faith of Apostle Nathaniel and Pastor Valerie Holcomb of the Christian House of Prayer, Killeen, TX and Covenant Connections International.

As well as being an author, conference speaker, mentor and friend, Dr. Johnson is most proud of the privilege and honor given to him to labor in the ministry with his beautiful wife Dr. Renea A. Johnson. Together they walk in the faith, favor and friendship of God.

Dr. Charles A. Johnson


Dr. Renea Johnson is an anointed servant-leader of God and His people. She is the full embodiment of manifested humility and surrender to the Father. Her posture as His messenger is one of elegance as well as eloquence.

Her educational accomplishments consist of doctorates in Philosophy and Counseling Psychology respectively. Through her journey to brokenness and experiences of phenomenal favor, the compendium of her life may be found in the biblical declaration, “This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.”

She presently serves as Co-Pastor of Victory Community Church and President of Vanguard Bible Institute.

The mother of one son, she labors in the ministry with her husband Dr. Charles A. Johnson. Together they serve God in the advancement of His Kingdom.

Dr. Renea A. Johnson

Youth Sessions

At Victory Community Church, we believe that young people are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today! Stay tuned for our exciting youth events, designed to impact teenagers with a relevant presentation of the Gospel, right where they are.

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mission statement

We believe in equipping the saints of God to experience total freedom in victory in every area of their lives. We believe that Jesus came so that we could experience the best right here on earth. Join us as we show the world that we are more than conquerors!

    Vision statement

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